What is E-Waste and how your unwanted electronics create jobs and sustainability!

E-waste – Usuable or unusable Electronics thrown away.

Did you know that Americans throw away 3.14 million tons (85%) of electronics a year? Making it the fastest growing municipal waste stream in the U.S.

That means in one year, Americans could produce enough trash to build a 40-story building covering more than 1000 acres of land and manufacturers are planning for shrinking replacement cycles.

You know what that means?

A Landfill is “coming soon” to a town near you. Just kidding!! We ship our trash overseas to impoverished communities because we, Americans, don’t want to live near them. -_-

What do I think, when I hear “40-story building covering 1000 acres of land?” Jobs!! 

A lot of electronics thrown away from thrift shops, manufactures, people etc., still work. These electronics can be used to grow small businesses who don’t have capital. They can reduce the digital divide in low income areas. And if they don’t work?

De-Manufacture. Demanufacturing is the disassembly and recycling of obsolete consumer products. The goal is to remove and recycle every component in an electronic product so the parts can be reused; instead of thrown away.

  • In 2012, 89 U.S. recycling/de-manufacturing facilities employed 4300 people and processed 715 million pounds of E-Waste.

Do your part and recycle your electronics. Call us and schedule your convenient pick up!!